What's Kreative Karma?

"When you get to have your creativity back after it being taken from you. I work better without being FORCED to follow crazy rules only tohave my ideas benefit others. I won't allow anyone else to take away my creativity!"
 ~Jessica Wilson

"A place to be creative."
~Janet Royer

"A place to get inspired."
~Jennifer Lorist

"If you send out goodness from yourself, or if you share that which is happy or good within you, it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand time."
~Tess Hilton

"A place where we can share what we love... to create for family,friends, and ourselves"
~Christina Capps

"being "bit" by the inspirational karma of others and then passing out good creative energy to others in return!"
~Jessica Shelton

"Being inspired by others and passing that inspiration on."
~Marji Franklin

"Taking a not-so-good crafty situation and turning it into something positive with a great group of inspiring, creative ladies.
~Especially Ashley

"A place where everyone is welcome and appreciated, all styles and forms of creativity are valued and friendships and support is nourished!
~Teresa Kaufhold

"Kreative Karma is a safe haven for crafters to share their love of creating. It is a place where we are loved and appreciated for who we are and what we enjoy doing."
~Melissa Lipcsey

"to me it means having lots of fun making what we want to show are own kreative styles. And we all just happen to be together because Karma is a B**ch!!!
~Lisa Chamberlain

"Our Kreative Karma is a place to share our inspiration and creativity through whatever craft we choose. Sharing our good Karma and hopefully sending good vibes to inspire those that follow us!"
~Susie Gerdes

"A creative place were we can share the good the bad and sometimes the not so much fun things in a positive and creative matter. ANd to be there for each other no matter what!"
~Nadia Robbins

"Kreative Karma to me means a place where I can share my passion for crafting and hopefully inspire others along the way. It is a place where good friends are there for you to lean on and learn from. A place where we can be creative with out the fear of being rejected. It also mean that you get back what you put out into the world. If you project goodness it will good but if you dont it will bite you in the buttocks!"
~Sarah Woodring

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