Saturday, January 26, 2013

Janet Royer Designer Day!

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Good Morning! It's been cold in my neck of the woods... hope you're staying warm if it is in yours as well. This month our theme has been Hobbies! I started crafting at an early age with two aunts teaching me various techniques. Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, and other hand crafts that were popular in the late 50's and 60's.. and Macrame! LOL I thought since you see a lot of paper projects which are my current passion, cards, layouts, etc., I'd share something different today. Back to my roots kind of thing.. So take a look!

First of all is a quilt that my granddaughter and I made a couple of years ago. I used to sew all my Barbie doll clothes, and I still love a great sewing project. I took one of her flip flops, made a pattern (pre Cricut/Cameo days) and then cut out pairs of shoes in fun fabrics. I purchased buttons to go with the fabric, made them into squares, added a border and then put it all together. She thinks it's too pretty to use.. and I keep telling her if she doesn't take it home soon, it'll be my lap blanket at the nursing home! She just laughs and thinks I'm kidding.. and I hope I'm not ready for that soon! I just love how bright and colorful it is.. cheery!
Next is a Ceramic Strawberry Cake plate. In the 70's I had a dear friend who owned a Ceramic shop and she had me come in and help her and taught me how to do various ceramic techniqes and clay lifting. I just fell in love with that and bought 2 kilns of my own, and converted my garage into a little ceramic shop. My co-workers at the time would come over and we'd paint, and chat and eat.. but it was such a great time and I sold a lot of my pieces. My mom was in a Bunco club at the time and everytime I made something, she'd say " I need 12 of those for my club". She kept me busy! I made a Victorian shoe one time, which I was going to photograph, but just couldn't get to it.. anyway, I gave one to my boss at a part time job I had at the time, and she put it on the counter. Before the week was over I had orders for 150! I really never wanted to see that boot again..
When my oldest daughter was born prematurely, I made all the Doctors and Nursers who took care of her a Ceramic doll. I painted the hair and eyes and any logos on their hats, or coats to match. I had them all done and when she came home from the hospital ( 3 months later) I gave them  to each person and thanked them. They were so touched but they did a miraclous job of taking care of a baby that wasn't expected to live over night and now will be 39 this year!!  This Shortcake was my mom's favorite. She never used it, afraid she'd break it and now it's in my curio cabinet. My daughter says it's hers... At the time I did ceramics, my life was hectic, scary, and it kept me sane sitting down with friends and painting or coloring etc. Today my life is quieter and I've made new friends in the paper world. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.


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  2. Great projects today Janet! It is great to see two different crafts and the stories that came along with them. TFS


  3. These are just amazing Janet! And I cried reading about your daughter! My bub was a preemie too! I bet those doctors STILL have the gifts you made from your heart for them!!!

    Crafty Hugs,

  4. you are one talented and blessed lady!! I love being on this team with you

  5. Thank you for sharing some of your other talents with us! That quilt it beautiful and I LOVE the strawberry cake stand! You are so very talented in so many things!

  6. Great projects Janet! I have quilted in the past, but I stick with basic projects, Nice job!! Love your ceramics piece....very pretty!


  7. Janet,
    wonderful work. Thank you for sharing your other hobbies and the stories that are attached to them. I love getting to know my crafting sisters better.


  8. Great projects Janet. I love the flip flop quilt. Flip flops are my fav. shoe I wear them all the time!

    I love your strawberry cake plate. My mom and dad use to run a ceramics shop and I think I remember them making a few of these. I love to paint Ceramics. So fun!

    Crafty Hugs


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